Di Digital

Technical information

Dimensions desktop/tablet: Welcome page 1290x1080 px, Panorama 980x240 px, Insider Sticky 300x250-400 px, Module 468x240 px
Formats: GIF, JPG and JavaScript, HTML5

Dimensions mobile: Mobile TO 320x480 px, Mobil 320x240-320 px
Formats: GIF, JPG and JavaScript, HTML5

Maximum weight: 200 kB desktop and 150 kb mobile
NOTE: The weight above refers to the downloaded file.

- All creative have to be produced according to our maximum weight limit, dimensions and be delivered to Di in time.
- The creative agency is responsible of the functionality and design of the ad.
- Ads may not be designed in a way that could make them be mistaken for editorial content.

The functionality of the ad has to be ensured by the producer in all accurate versions of the following browsers;
- Internet Explorer
- Mozilla Firefox
- Safari
- Opera
- Google Chrome



Loading external file
Loading files heavier than the maximum weight limit is only allowed if it is activated by click (if the loaded file/video does not contain any sound it can be activated by on-mouse-over with a delay of at least one (1) second )
The ad must contain a stop-/pause button.

NOTE! Polite-banner is not accepted

All audio ads must have on /off button. Sound is only allowed to start on click – not on mouse over.

Third party
Third party adserving is not allowed without separate agreement.
- We accept JavaScript, however we do not accept IFRAME tags due to the issue with Iframes in FireFox
- If possible please implement the following clickmacros for Adtoma Fusion: {%c%} samt {%r%} for cache busting/[timestamp]
We strive to count click on all third party delivered ads.

Guide lines for HTML5:

Submitting creative
The creative must be delivered at least three (3) workdays before the campaign start.
Please e-mail creatives to webbannons@di.se

Enter the following information when submitting the creative:
- Name of the advertiser and the campaign
- Start- and End dates
- URL Landing page/s
- Contact person

NOTE: The start date cannot be guaranteed if the creative is not provided in time.