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Technical information

Newspaper format: 271 x 392 mm
Type area full page: 248 x 372 mm
Type area spreads, bleeding towards the center: 519 x 372 mm
(248 + 23 + 248 = 519 mm wide x 372 mm high)
Grid: 100 lines / inch
Resolution on images: 200 dpi
Point magnification: approx. 26%
Maximum total color: 240%
Printing process: Roller set
Delivery: 2 working days before the release date


The images should be 200 dpi and converted to CMYK with ICC profile ISOnewspaper26v4.icc (click to download file). No OPI linked images.


All fonts should be included in the PDF. Black text should be only black (K), not cyan (C), magenta (M) or yellow (Y). Negative ("white") text on color plate should be at least 12 pt, sansserif and bold due to. the risk of misspace and point magnification.

Color mode

All colours should be CMYK. Pantone-decor or RGB-colour may not occur.

File format

PDF-files, single pages with embedded pictures and fonts. PDF-version 1.4 or 1.5. No OPI-comments. Use PDF/X-4:2012 for Photoshop, Distiller and Indesign to create a PDF suitable for print.


The following things are important to check:
- Does the ad contain all the items needed?
- Is CMYK or Grayscale only used?
- Do the pictures have the correct resolution?
- Can the ad print?

To check this, some kind of quality assurance tools are required.
We suggest:
- Callas
- Pitstop
- Acrobat Professional


Advertiser + insertion date.

Please note that the customer:

- is responsible that the material is produced to comply with the requirements above
- is responsible with the ad manufacturer and its repro, so that the material is adapted for magazine printing
- is responislbe that the material is delivered in good time before publciation.
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